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Creating visually engaging food content that reflects your brand, fosters your connection with your audience; is impressive, and also seemingly effortless and achievable



Sophie Gray is a familiar name to magazine readers, both as a columnist and editor. A regular contributor to Healthy Food Guide, Taste magazine, Nadia and Food magazine Sophie connects with both affluent Foodies who love to entertain, travel and try new things and using her destitute gourmet moniker also engages with cost conscious kid raising Kiwi households needing to make a dollar out of 50c.

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Consumers want content that is modern, seasonal, simple and special with recipes, ideas and tips that are both achievable and impressive.
Whether it’s introducing a new ingredient or reinventing an existing favourite Sophie Gray delivers recipes, feature stories and lifestyle inspiration, while informing and entertaining Kiwi home cooks as both a trusted name in publishing and broadcasting and as an influencer through her own engaged social media.

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Digital advertising is an amazing tool for real-time results and optimising campaign effectiveness. In a world where consumers are constantly connected via multiple platforms, and where content is king, recipe development has to engage our foodie audiences in more ways than ever before with recipe development for a multiplatform curated content approach, encompassing print, digital and social platforms. 

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“I wasn’t expecting that” is a podcast for women like us- Sophie Gray and Nerida Ashcroft. Both at a similar stage life heading towards or just past 50. We were both married in the same year, have known each other nearly 30 years but are very different from each other.

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Brands Sophie has worked with:

Sophie won the Tui Flower Award for Best Recipe Writing – Commercial in the NZ Food Media Awards 2019 for the Exotic Foods Campaign
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